SparkFun MicroView as serial display

I added a SparkFun MicroView display to the Omega2+ to show temperature and humidity from Weather Underground. The display text here is in German but can changed.


The MicroView USB programmer serves as programmer for the Arduino inside MicroView and as serial interface between Omega2+ USB and MicroView TX/RX.

The Arduino program SerialDisplay.ino waits for a telegram containing a start character, the temperature as floating point number, and the humidity as integer.

To control the serial interface /dev/ttyUSB0 at Omega2+ we have to install stty by opkg install coreutils-stty. The Shell script sends the data from Omega2+ to MicroView.

During serial communication MicroView is controlled by DTR (The bootloader will be activated). Therefore, DTR must be disabled in this case. I did not find a solution by stty. A simple way is to connect TX, RX, GND and VCC between MicroView and MicroView programmer only. This way the RST line is not affected during serial communication.

All script including the Arduino sketch are saved at Github as usual.



SparkFun MicroView as serial display

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