Push messages can help to get status info of IoT nodes which can not always connected directly. There are different services that are suitable for sending push messages. A very simple way to integrate the sending of push messages into an application program is pushover (https://pushover.net/). You have to create an account there and register your application. After that you will get credentials for connecting to the Pushover server.

For Android devices receiving the Pushover messages you will find a Pushover Client in Google Play Store. After installation and login with the Pushover credentials you can register this client on server side too

After starting with Onion Omega2+ I want to get some information of the uptime of the system to check stability. For this purpose I installed cURL and Pushover and call a Shell script as cronjob.

Here are the steps to follow after registration at Pushover:

opkg update
opkg install curl

The following script sends a message to the Pushover server and the server prepares the messages to the registered devices.

$ curl –s \
--form-string "token=<APP_TOKEN> \
--form-string "user=<USER_TOKEN> \
--form-string "message=<MESSAGE> \

This command I embedded into a further Shell script OmegaPushover.sh which can send messages in the following format:

$ ./OmegaPushover.sh "This is a message"

To include into the crontab I wrote a further script monitoring_uptime.sh.


uptime > UPT
MSG=`cat UPT`
echo -n Uptime:
echo "$MSG"

./OmegaPushover.sh "$MSG"

Both scripts you will find in my Onion Omega repository.

Here is a screenshot of a received Pushover message from my Android phone.



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